Out Of Office

May 1


Howdy, I’m out of the office until Thursday the 23rd. 

I miss you,




I’m out of the office on vacation. I will be pretty much unreachable between today and July 17. 

In case of emergency please contact some other poor sap , or dial 911.

Brock Kirby


I’m home sick today. Not to be confused with homesick, which is more of a sad feeling instead of bodily discomfort.

I aim to identify what is wrong with my body and destroy it with sleep and water and medicine and orange juice.

I’ll be responding to emails when I’m awake.

Thank you.




I’m out of the office for the rest of the afterooon. Please call my cell if you need immediate assistance. If not, I’ll respond to all emails this evening or tomorrow morning. 

Stay in school,

Jordan Muse


Hi, I’m travelling today, and will be slow to respond.

sky falling?



I will be in Africa until August. There are no phones or computers in Africa. 


Hi. I’m out of the office for the entirety of August.

In the meantime, enjoy!





I will be out of the office from July 21st through August 1st attending the 2011 World Championship Lobster Rodeo in Maine.

I will have no access to email or reliable phone service.

Please contact Hanna Nesper Newell or Nick Pirtle with any urgent issues regarding P&G business.


Liam Doherty


I will be out of the office for a few weeks on my wedding and honeymoon getting very drunk. 

I will be back August 15th.

I will NOT be checking emails or taking calls.

If you need any assistance, please contact Pam Atkinson and she can direct your inquiry to the correct person. 



If you have received this message I am either away from the office for the day or longer, in this case it is longer.

I will be out of the office starting Monday July 25th - Friday July 29th.  Even though I am on vacation, I will not use my spare time wisely and will most likely use technological devices to check my e-mail.  I will be slow to respond and may be of some use but most likely will just get in the way while trying to help from afar.  So it’s best I just stay out of it and read about all when I return.  

Should you need immediate assistance please contact either Project Managers; Brian Mork or Chris Kwon.  

Nicole Kaptur

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